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Royal Alloy are a British brand based in the North of England dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of totally unique 'classic' inspired scooters made to exacting standards utilising components from market leading suppliers.

Manufacturing takes place at SCO MOTOR CO., LTD. an ISO9001 accredited factory to exacting standards in order to meet many international homologation requirements.

The company was registered on 19 October 2016 with registered capital of 63 million baht.  We have been distributing in Asian markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea,  and South America such as Brazil, Argentina and also many European countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France and Netherlands.

Management and production staff have more than 20 years of experience in motorcycle manufacturing.

Now we have all of the marketing hype covered, let us really talk about Royal Alloy!

We love scooters with petrol engines and especially those that ooze style expressing the persona of the rider!

Do we ride scooters, yes!  Indeed we ride all manners of two wheeled transport and enjoy them all - but in particular we enjoy the style and freedom of the scooter - especially the Royal Alloy scooter - join us on our mission to be not only environmentally friendly, essentially trendy, we are unique, we do not follow others, we make our own journeys so why not join us....

...Enjoy Life!


Here at Royal Alloy we have re-created a truly 'Classic' style range of scooters designed to re-live those halcyon days af the new found freedom experienced back in the 1960's. We are re-creating those machines (to thoroughly modern standards) that were an icon of the 'Mod' movement.

The Mod movement (short for Modernism, people who were fans of modern jazz music) is a youth sub culture that started in England in the late1950’s and went on to peak in the 1960’s.

Modern. Cosmopolitan. Cool. Popular. These are some words that characterise the mod subculture, which was a youth subculture established post World War II in London, England. It was comprised of teens from working-class families who were trying to transcend the mundane, traditional, old-fashioned customs of the 1950s and adopt a more exciting, expensive, fashionable, and
social lifestyle.

The members of this subculture being mainly from working class families who were enjoying the early stages of an economic boom time, were pioneers of a new eccentricity showing their unique ‘style’ with a neat and innovative ‘look’. They listened to alternative music such as soul and ska, beat, rhythm and blues. Ultimately they adorned their stylish Italian Scooters with lights, mirrors and graphics – they were obsessed with fashion and being ‘super-cool’.

Slim cut suits, ankle boots, and the classic M51 ‘Fish-tail’ Parka coat are essential items in the Mod wardrobe. Girls dressed in mini skirts and roll top jumpers, style icons like ‘Twiggy’ promoted this new stylish lifestyle and soon hit the world stage as a top model.

This sub-culture, being now over 50 years old is very current, there have been several re-births but never before has the re-birth been able to enjoy the Real Retro scooter, especially Real Metal and boasting Real Technology, now is the time to go and buy a 'Real' Scooter!

Enter Royal Alloy with a complete and growing range of truly authentic classically styled scooters made to the very highest standard from the best materials available. Royal Alloy WILL NOT compromise – Royal Alloy will only manufacture authentic (as far as regulations allow) products that will appeal to followers of the Mod subculture and of course to a wider audience wanting to enjoy what really was the essence of the Mod sub-culture – that being a unique and super cool lifestyle!

Matt Gibson, Quadrophenia exhibit 2, CC BY 2.0
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